Culinary meetings in Stara Zagora

In the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families – Stara Zagora at the “Mission Krile” Foundation, a great culinary meeting was held, organized within the framework of the MigrantVoicesHeard project. More than 60 people tried the delicious traditional dishes prepared by Ukrainian refugees. The event lasted for 3 hours, intertwining culinary delights, UkrainianContinue reading “Culinary meetings in Stara Zagora”

Community Talks

SVF, HungarySubjective Values Foundation completed the Community Talk activity part of the Migrant Voices Heard successfully bringing together migrants and members of the host communities to engage in thoughtful discussions on the challenges and opportunities associated with migrant integration. The First Community Talk event was held during the holy month of Ramadan, a deliberate choiceContinue reading “Community Talks”

Capacity Building Trainings

SVF, Hungary As part of the Migrant Voices Heard, Subjective Values Foundation conducted six capacity-building training sessions over the course of 2022 and 2023, each focusing on distinct aspects of community empowerment. First Training: Organizing Participatory Community Action Planning (Module 1)The first module delved into the intricacies of organizing Participatory Community Action Planning. Building onContinue reading “Capacity Building Trainings”

Cultural Festivals are Part of the Multicultural Cluj and a Real Source of Power

The cultural markets are bringing together migrants and host communities to experience each other’s cultures, aiming to improve the public’s attitude toward migrants. Festivals that focus on promoting culture also enhance knowledge of different traditions and customs among participants, reinforcing our shared community and our common cultural ties. Festivals also contribute to the development ofContinue reading “Cultural Festivals are Part of the Multicultural Cluj and a Real Source of Power”

Strengthening migrant participation through capacity-building trainings in Romania

The MigrantVoicesHeard capacity-building trainings represent a process by which migrants and migrants-led organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, and other resources needed to ease their integration process and strengthen their participation in the decision-making process. The Romanian Peace Institute – PATRIR, under the project MigrantVoicesHeard, delivered a package of fundamental and holisticContinue reading “Strengthening migrant participation through capacity-building trainings in Romania”