Capacity Building Trainings

SVF, Hungary

As part of the Migrant Voices Heard, Subjective Values Foundation conducted six capacity-building training sessions over the course of 2022 and 2023, each focusing on distinct aspects of community empowerment.

First Training: Organizing Participatory Community Action Planning (Module 1)

The first module delved into the intricacies of organizing Participatory Community Action Planning. Building on the insights gained from initial needs assessments and the community action plan process, this training involved future members of the local migrant council. With a focus on adapting and refining the action plan, the module equipped eight participants (3 Female/5 Male) with the necessary tools for effective community organization.

Second Training: Advocacy (Module 3)

Advocacy, as a potent instrument for bringing about change, was the central theme of the third module. Future members of the local migrant council learned the fundamentals of advocacy, including principles, priority setting, approaches, tactics, and impact measurement. The objective was to enhance the council’s capacity to strategize and execute effective advocacy campaigns. Eight participants (6 Female/2 Male) participated in this training.

Third Training: Familiarization with the Host Country Legal System and Policy Development Process (Module 2)

This module invited the Hungarian Helsinki Committee team to impart knowledge about Hungary’s legal system, with a specific emphasis on both formal and non-formal groups, from non-governmental organizations to community groups. This training, involving 10 participants (7 Female/3 Male), aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework to drive social change.

Fourth Training: Strategic Communication and Fundraising (Module 5)

The fifth module introduced the concept of strategic communication and featured a training session organized by ImpactHub Budapest on fundraising opportunities. This session was tailored to various types of groups discussed in the prior training conducted by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. A total of 11 participants (all Female) benefited from this module.

Fifth Training: Anti-Racism and Gender Equality (Module 4)

Dedicated to promoting an understanding of anti-racism and gender equality, this module facilitated in-depth discussions on the significance of these concepts. Participants were encouraged to reflect on their experiences and explore strategies for addressing everyday challenges related to these issues. However, only four participants, all female, attended this training.

Sixth Training: Career Talk: A Day of Growth and Opportunities

In addition to the planned modules, the foundation responded to the specific needs and suggestions of the community members by organizing a training on economic integration. This session, in collaboration with the University of ELTE and the Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates (DOSZ), engaged both offline and online participants. Focusing on self-employment and work opportunities, the training featured recruiters who discussed job application procedures for migrants. In total, 26 participants (12 Female/14 Male) attended in person, and 42 participants joined online, contributing to a well-rounded exploration of economic integration.

Through this comprehensive series of training modules, the Subjective Values Foundation remains committed to empowering migrants with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to thrive in their host communities and advocate for their rights. Migrant Voices Heard contributed to the foundation’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and supportive society for all.